Roo knows something's up

She has been stealing everything in sight - a hat, a glove and a shoe - and taken them all to her bed. I have to be in the hospital tomorrow morning. There's terrible weather on the way - the coldest February day in history here, around -8 tomorrow morning, and snow predicted for the rest of today. That means Rooki is going to have to go into boarding later today. I was hoping to drop her off in the morning before surgery, but I can't risk there being bad roads and being late for that. I'm going to take her for one last hike in the snow. It'll be her last for a long time. Hopefully, that'll tire her out a little. Worse yet, there are supposed to be high winds accompanying the cold blast, and wind frightens Roo. Wind in a new place, when she thinks she's been abandoned, is going to be a real bummer for her. And she knows something's up.