Fish Oil

Roo always had minor skin issues, but they got bad last summer after she was bitten by a snake. She had to be on a round of steroids and antibiotics, and stuck in an e-collar, it got so bad. Even before that, she was a habitual tail chewer, thinking nothing of gnawing straight through the skin. On her belly were chronic scrapes and welts that always looked irritated, even though they never seemed to bother her. Those I chalked up to her wild-eyed insistence on rooting through thorn bushes where rabbits like to hide. We'll see if those come back as things bud and she starts that again.

Roo's vet recommended fish oil, and I began poking holes in the gel caps and dribbling the oil over her meals twice a day. And Roo doesn't seem to mind a little stinky fish oil to go with her raw pork or turkey or the one meal of raw diet dog food she gets every morning to make sure she gets her veggies.

The effect of the fish oil is stunning. Her coat and skin have never been better. Her belly is pink, her fur is bushy and lustrous and healthy. She never gets irritated between the toes any more. She almost never itches or licks herself. Her ears, which have always been good, seem to stay pinker and 100% odor-free for ages - and remember, this is a dog who swims almost every day of her life and jams her head in the dirt constantly. 

We'll see what happens in the summer, when the humidity and allergens in the flora get to her, when she starts picking up more thorns and scrapes, but so far, the fish oil has been the best thing I've ever tried on Roo. She's up to four capsules twice a day (which I think I can get the same results by just getting capsules with higher EPA and DHA (the stuff that counts) content.

The chances are not great that I've accidentally settled on the optimal dose - though there's something to be said for not fixing it if it ain't broke - but as the warmer weather approaches, I'd like to equip the Kahoo as strongly as possible for the stresses on her skin and coat. So, does anyone else have experience or advice about this? Is all that counts the EPA and DHA count, or does some amount of actual oil necessary for the benefits?