Roo still deals with her issues every day

The Kahoo has never stopped worrying about doors. She acts if she had doors slammed on her when she was a puppy, which would make sense for a dog who had been locked up. She probably tried to escape any chance she got, and the kind soul who locked her up and neglected so completely might have crimped her in a door. It was clear on Roo's first day with me in Los Angeles, when she was such a fearful wreck that she was left to be put down in a high-kill shelter, when she recoiled in fear the minute I put a hand on the door, as I described in Notes. As far as Roo has come, she still does not trust doors (or flashlights, which still make her hide, though not in panic). Here she is trying to nose the bathroom door open today.

By the way, no more news on the depressing encounter with the coon hound, other than that the rescue said they were going to contact the owner. I don't feel like it's my place to ask them anything further. They know what they're doing, and it's up to them. The whole thing has darkened a few days. And now, we're expecting thunderstorms to hit that will last late into the night. This is going to be a tough day for Roo.

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