This little bird flew into the house

I heard someone bumping into the window in the living room and went to check what was going on. This little bird had flown in through the kitchen door, then had a look around and couldn't find his way out. Naturally, Roo was delighted that a frightened bird was flapping against the window. The bird wasn't too enchanted with Roo. He flew to the highest perch available on a dirty old stone wall and wouldn't budge until I ushered Roo out of the house. Once the laughing predator was gone, the problem was getting the bird to leave. The bird was going to have to figure it out on his own. I opened the front door and backed off. Sensing an escape, the bird flew down, but he ignored the door and tried the closed window again. The poor guy really gave himself a good bump. Making an idiot of myself by talking to him as if he could understand me, I tried showing him the way by walking in and out a few times. "See, little bird? Here you go, just fly here." He kept an eye on me and cocked his head back and forth a few times. 

I moved to the other side of the room to give him some room to maneuver and said, "Okay, now you try it." He accompanied himself with some worried chirping and flew straight out the door.

I went to let Roo back in. She barreled in, sliding on the floor and looked around. If the dirty look se gave me is any indication, she figured it out immediately.