If you use that beak to bite the bee, the bee will bite you back

Roo was stretching to try to reach a bee when I interrupted her to remind her that, "If you use that beak to bite that bee, the bee will bite you back." I can say it ten times fast. Even though she has been stung by them, and has had the pleasure of my holding her down to locate and remove a stinger from her lips, and even though constantly hears me warning her about the bee biting her back, she's till interested. Stretchy, but interested.

It's going to be a hellacious summer. It's only early May and it feels like a pestilence is descending. Already it's consistently in the mid-80s with soaking humidity. Swarms of mosquitos, chiggers and gnats buzzing in and out of your ears. Roo is constantly snapping at them. Between them and the heat, she is always asking to get inside. Her coat still looks great, but there is a subtle change in it.

On her walk today, someone told me they had seen a rattler and a copperhead in the last week. They're back. I live in a terror of Roo being snakebitten. Between the snakes and my getting sick again, what I wouldn't do to move. Walking Roo is an exercise in terror.