Cellphone Wallpaper Download

That pretty picture of Smartypants from last week makes a great lock screen image for a smartyphone. If you'd like to download one, Click here. On your phone, the image has lots of silvery tones.

To install it on an iPhone, just mail the picture to yourself. Open the email on your phone and touch the screen and hold until it asks you to save the image. Then go to your settings, choose wallpaper, and select it from your photo album. Pinch it out to make sure it's all there, click 'set', and there you go. Put the phone to sleep and wake it back up to see how it looks.

On Android, email it to yourself also to get it in your album, and then, from what I understand (I don't know Android), you go to Settings>Device>Display>Wallpaper and choose it somehow.

The layout works well for the iPhone, but as I don't have an Android to test it on, I don't know how it'll look. If anyone tries it, please post a shot or email me one.