Hot Dog

I'm not feeling up to the hikes Roo is used to, so we've been driving around, looking for some kind of alternative. In my dreams there is a spot so feature-rich that Roo will be able to run around on her own, in view, without my needing to kill myself. Such places are hard to find. I've never found one, anyway. Around here, everything is a trail that you have to walk on for a long way, and we know most of them. So, any time I see a dirt road, I take it, just to see. Roo was broiling from a trail we looked at, but that was no good. No water, and it was hot. She was panting. Then she heard something and pulled her ears and her tongue in and sat bolt upright. She, of course, heard the water of this stream before I did.

This is out in the middle of nowhere. Not one car came by in half an hour, and Roo ran around like a crazy dog.