Three years ago today

Three years ago today I first saw Roo when she was brought into the waiting room of the clinic where she was spayed in Los Angeles. Most of you know the story. The video above is the first one I ever posted of Roo. It was a couple of days after I brought her home. I turned the camera on because she was just starting to smile for the first time. You can see that her tongue was still weak.

So, today's not the anniversary of adopting Roo, but from the beginning there wasn't too much doubt that I would.

We'll be on the road again soon, I think. A continuation of the way Notes ended.

Roo is a great, sweet courageous dog. The dedication in the book reads, "Too Roo - the bravest puppy I ever knew." It's as true now as it was then.

Here's Rooki at the end of what was a hot, boring day for her. Still, I think she would take boring over whatever it was that had happened to her before.