BREAKING: Roo makes two front pages in one paper in one day, still not satisfied.

Roo didn't seem too pleased to see herself on the front page of today's Asheville Citizen-Times. Maybe she didn't want that old snake story rehashed. Maybe she thought she could live down the day she almost became the mouse. Whatever it was, she wasn't too pleased.

But I was! Today was the debut of my new Asheville Citizen-Times dog column, featuring Junior, Inc. Go on over and hit the comments up and share the story on your Facebook page, Tweets and all the rest of it from there (in the hopes that one day they might pay me more than the going rate of 1.5 tanks of gas per article), will ya? I'm counting on you to click on every share and comment button they have. Or else the dog gets it. 

By the way - we got rattled today. We were walking on a gravel path when out of the bushes came the sound of a furious rattle. The snake was only feet away, and yet completely unseen. It sent shivers down my spine. The Kahoo, however, was entirely unperturbed. If it doesn't squeak, it just doesn't speak to Roo.

The one sound that doesn't frighten her is the one that really, really should.