Roo's deadly stare

North of approximately 40 degrees in the northeastern United States, you begin to see warning signs on the road that say, "Moose Crossing." Roo's spelling being what it is, these always excite her and make start insisting that we stop. I tell her it's not a mouse crossing, but by then her mind is made up. A strong man would not be able to tolerate Roo's staring. You can imagine what it does to me. 

Half an hour - fine. An hour? Starts to grate. By about an hour and a half of Roo sitting there in the passenger seat, positioned so that she is lying comfortably but with her head where I will be compelled to notice her, never for half a second letting up on her stare, I start looking for a place for her to have her afternoon walk. 

In America—as long as you're not near a city—you can almost always find a park. Here's today's, Constitution Park on Lake Ossipee, New Hampshire.