Roo Goes Viral, Advises Everyone to Go Jump in a Lake

We are far from civilization. It's 35 miles to the nearest market. We came off te mountain to try to figure out the weather and where to go next. No Canada. Nor will I ever go to Canada again. 

It got late and we had no place to stay. There was an old sign for a camp. No one answered the phone and the place wasn't listed online. The road in was a toothbreaker. It took about 30 minutes to drag the camper up there.

At the end is one of the most beautiful spots Ive ever seen in America. No one but the camp is on the big lake. It is truly wilderness. Roo loves it.

Te weather is expected to take a bad turn, however, so we came off the hill to check the internet. In my inbox were several emails from TV producers and online media companies asking me to sign up with them. Somehow, the old video of Roo picking out her first toy had gone viral overnight. In the last hour it's had about 40,000 views.

Well, we're headed back up the hill so that Roo can have a swim, and so that we can try to figure out where we're going to park the camper next.