Roo emerges after the deluge

The ferocious rain event that resulted in a few dozen tornado deaths and hundreds of square miles of flooding was no fun here, either. We were lucky not to get washed away, but lots of surrounding areas are under water. For two days there was hellacious thunder without letup, and rain that beat so hard against the camper that it appears it might have been more than it could handle.. Puddles began appearing inside. By the time it was all over, all the extra $1.99 bath towels I'd bought after the last two major rain events were stuffed into a lawn and leaf-size garbage bag. 

Roo rebounded well. During the height of the thunderstorms, she only got frightened enough to tremble a few times. For the rest of the two days, she was of course upset, but at least not trembling. Maybe the duration of the storm inured her to the noise. Maybe she was just exhausted. I gave her a couple of Benadryls near the beginning of the storm, when a dark red blotch on the radar was on its way. It tired her, but she still seemed stressed. I didn't think it would have been a good way to feel. I don't think she'll be getting more of those.

Even when there wasn't thunder, the 12 inches of rain that came down sounded like our camper had been parked under a cliff over which a bulldozer was shoving gravel. This was the same storm that killed a couple dozen Texans and Mississippians (and nearly nailed my buddy Alex, who had just arrived in the town of Holly Springs and was in a house next door to several that were blown to splinters), and flooded everywhere from Texas through here in Oklahoma, straight across Arkansas.

When it was over, Roo (who had only peed twice and held everything else for a day and a half) was so happy that the first thing she did was to break a rule that she understands well enough not to have tried before: she chased some buffalo. She didn't care. She was like a little kid who had been terrified of getting a shot and then stomping around the halls showing off to the other kids about how tough he is when it's over. I didn't get a shot of her doing that, as I was trying to get her to stop, but here's a shot of one of the buffalo.