Back on the Run

Things got a bit difficult there for a while. Everything broke. The generator, the truck, various things on the camper. Repairs started to take up all my time. I hoped to move us to the Northeast, but that didn't work. We made it up to Maine, where we've been wearing out the welcome mat in the driveway of our friends Jim, Virginia and Henry. Now, we are forced to leave. It's just getting too cold. Things are frozen.

I am not pleased about having to leave the Northeast, but so it must be. And so it is. We will be back on the road starting tomorrow. 

On the run, is more like it. I was hoping that once the trip was finished, it wold be finished. I have a book to write about it, and writing it while on the road is impossible. But there's no choice at the moment.

As for this blog. I would have liked to keep it up over the past months, but it wasn't possible. Being constantly on the move and camping every single night for more than a year left little time, and what time there was I used for writing that I hope might pay. 

A web site named Patreon might be the answer. It's a way for people who do stuff like that—writers, musicians, bloggers, video makers, whatever—to hook up with (they call them) Patreons Patreons are people like, hopefully, you, who are willing to chip in a few bucks to encourage and support someone's work. 

I'm posting this in a little bit of a hurry because I will only have intermittent internet after today. So, though the Patreon campaign is launched, it'll change and get better, if there's any response to it. What I expect to do is something along the lines of setting up a part of this site for Patreon supporters and then email you the link. Or, something like that. Trust me, I'll figure it out. I'd like to get back to this work and for those of you who have been asking for a way to help make that happen, this is it. Well, FedEx envelopes of cash would have been fine, too.

Here's the link to the Patreon page, and thanks.