My unbelievably brilliant and informative newspaper column is out

But first, here's Roo enjoying lazing around after being brushed on the bed instead of outside, because of terrible weather—again.


As for the newspaper column, okay, maybe it's not unbelievably brilliant. Unbelievably something, anyway. Make sure to drop a like on it over there.

It's about a famous case of a lost, and subsequently rescued, puppy, who was not returned to her original owners, illustrating a cautionary tale about what can happen when dogs run wild.

Other than that, greetings from New Mexico, where we are still, and constantly, on the run from weather. Last night it was gusting to 68 miles per hour (I went outside and measured it myself). The camper was rocking and branches were flying into it. you can imagine how much Roo enjoyed that. I don't know about Roo, but I'm about to give out, folks.