Classic Roo: The Struggle to Wake Roo Up

Two days after Roo and I left Los Angeles for good (which was at the end of the Roo book, which you can find here), we were in a motel in Colorado. Two months earlier, Roo had been mistaken for a three-year-old, but turned out to be a puppy of eight months. Apart from having a lot of physical healing to do, being in the constant state of fear she had been in must have made it hard to get the amount of sleep a puppy needs, so she made a project of catching up. This is an example of how soundly she was beginning to sleep. It's still one of her principal hobbies. These days, now that she's over six, she seems finally to have agreed that getting a last pee in at night is a good idea. The real reason I think she likes to do that, though, is so that she can stay in bed until at least 11 AM. 

A note to any actors watching this video: Note Roo's technique for dealing with a director who insists on a realistic sleep shot. Even the finest actors can have a hard time keeping their eyes steady enough to realistically appear asleep, especially under the stress of repeated takes on a busy set. Roo, a born actor, chose instead merely to suggest sleep, to allow the idea of sleep to form in the audience's mind, by the simple trick of sticking her head under a pillow.

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And a tip of the snout to Rebecca Shelor for the idea of renaming The Historic Roo Video Collection to Classic Roo.