Midnight Reruns: The New Rooki Kahoo

I'm not the type to go back and look at old videos I posted long ago on YouTube, but I'm going to start to repost some of those.

This one is the first video of Roo I ever posted. It was only a few days after she was assigned to me as an IndiLabs foster. If you haven't read the short book about her, these old videos will be a lot more fun—and a lot more touching—if you read that. When I picked her up at the spay clinic, Roo was a mess. This was when she first started feeling better and had just begun to smile as she started to strengthen. She was so weak that even the muscles in her tongue had lost tone. In this video, you can see that her tongue still looks like its a little weak. It was so moving to see a young dog start to heal, to see those scrawny, underdeveloped legs start to gain weight. 

Can you believe that this puppy was mistaken for a three-year-old? After a few days she started to look like a two-year-old, then younger and younger. By the time she had to have a little surgery a couple of weeks in, her vet was examining her and we were talking about how old she was. I said something like, "I think she's even younger," and the vet said, with an incredulous look on her face, because she hadn't seen Roo in ten days or two weeks, "She's a puppy!"