In which I rub salt in Roo's latest wound. Literally rub salt.

There are some dogs who receive no more than one or two cuts in their lifetimes, if that. This is usually because there is nothing sharp under a coffee table.

Roo, because she runs free so much, gets all sorts of cuts and nicks. A few weeks ago she returned to camp with her entire face and neck covered with blood. As most of the blood wasn't hers, she couldn't have been more delighted. 

The gash she received in her foot pad a few days ago required staying required keeping her off the foot, though. Today, it looked healed enough to let her go in the pond. I didn't notice anything wrong with her when I loaded her back up in the car, but when we got out, her arm was bleeding. The only solution was to rub salt in her wound. If you're at all squeamish, this might not be for you.