Do not mistake that for the nose of an old dog


Woeful is the Golden with a black nose. Well, woeful is not most of them, but the nose color featured in this photo is one Roo is proud of.

Originally, Roo's nose was the jet-black color of the leather used on the steering wheels of Lamborghinis supplied to oil sheiks. One day, I was alarmed when I noticed that it seemed to be changing. That worried me because when my dog Orville came down with lymphoma, he developed a liver-colored spot on his nose. So, naturally I was worried about the blanching, or livering, of the Kahoo's nose, until I learned from a vet that it is simply the mark of a life being well-lived and nothing to worry about, because unlike the skin of mere humans, which darkens in the sun, the noses of Goldens often lighten to the color of puréed chicken liver seasoned with a little too much paprika.

I have never seen another Golden who has achieved an equal nose hue. Reaching the consistency of this color required daily exposure to the sun, which, in turn, required the complete financial and professional ruin of her attendant. If you ever see Roo's nose reverting to its original onyx shade, you'll know something has gone horribly wrong for her.

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