The Historic Roo Video Collection: Brave new rescue puppy Roo learns to get in the car

I just checked our YouTube channel, which is pushing 10 million views. Last month, people spent 1100 hours watching Roo videos, which, if you extrapolate across the spectrum of YouTube viewership, might account for why no one has the time to learn things like how not to allow lying con artists into the Oval Office.

Now, even though staggering viewership numbers like that generate so much revenue (a team of accountants is still analyzing the data, but shareholders will be pleased to learn that projections are already approaching $4 per month) that we've run out of room in the Burt's Bees Lip Balm jar we use to store pennies, those videos were all posted to accompany Roo stories. So, let's have a look at some of the early Roo videos and reminisce about her journey so far, shall we? For those of you who haven't read the book about Roo and how our life together began when she was a terrified puppy, you can pick it up at Amazon here, in e-book or paperback.

Here's the second video of Roo ever posted to YouTube. She was starting to come out of her shell and I was teaching her to get in the car. This was the beginning of Roo's favorite practical joke, one she's played on me every day since then. Whenever it's time to get in the car, she pretends that she doesn't want to and tries to get me to yell at her. Why she finds this so funny, I have no idea. Maybe it's her way of saying, "Gee, Dad, remember when you were teaching me to get in the car? This is how I was."