The Historic Roo Video Collection: Roo sees herself in a mirror for the first time

As most of you know, five years ago, there was nothing that didn't scare Roo. Literally nothing. Every sound, every movement. Dental floss coming off the reel. A light switch. The sound of a car driving down the street. A shadow. The leaves on the trees. A bucket. 

Living in terror, underweight, covered in fleas and ticks, her paws hurting because they were filled with old pebbles of concrete that made it painful to walk, and with her teeth brown, she was mistaken for a three-year-old on her shelter paperwork. Even our vet didn't disagree.

But, within days, she started to look younger. It's strange think that a puppy could be mistaken for an adult dog, but we all thought she was. When a puppy began to emerge, it was the strangest thing to realize. Even her vet was fooled. We were in her examining room — Roo had to go in several times — and we were on the floor with her and the vet and I were talking about how she was looking and there was an odd, though happy moment (going from memory here; it's reported accurately in the book) when we came around to saying it: She's a puppy. 

In the fist few days, her behavior indicated that she only learned how to do one thing — hide behind a toilet. That was probably how she had spent her life, locked in a bathroom, and the only hiding place she knew was behind a toilet. Now that she was starting to feel better and experience more and had her wounded feet cleared of concrete and her lick granuloma were treated and she began to realize that she was safe — when she wasn't panicked all the time, in other words — she finally began to pay attention to other things. In this video is the first time she saw a dog in the mirror.

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