The Historic Roo Video Collection: Roo watches video of herself for the first time

Apart from how cute Roo is on and off screen in this video, the coolest part is that at the end I say something like, "Tell me you're not a puppy." It's still hard to believe that she didn't seem to be one when she first got out of the shelter. Her shelter paperwork said three years old, our rescue's vet thought she was an adult, and so did I. How we all mistook her seems not to make sense, but her teeth were black in places, and she was so haggard.

That changed fast. The speed of her transition was one of the most astonishing things I ever witnessed. She aged in reverse. I know I keep harping on it when I look at some of thee early videos, but it was strange. In the video Roo's watching, look at how skinny she was. Her hind legs were especially bad. She seemed to have atrophied hips. Between that, the teeth, the condition of her skin, which was filled with deep sores, and the bags under her eyes, she just didn't look her age. and, of course, she didn't act at all like a puppy when all she wanted to do was hide.

Then she started to have some fun, and I went from fostering a damaged adult Golden to adopting this puppy. It was great. Try it sometime — make a point of rescuing a damaged dog. The transformations they're capable of are amazing.

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