Note to readers of The Dog in the Clouds

FIrst of all, thank you for subscribing to The Dog in the Clouds.

As you may know, the site's title is based on an experience I had many years ago in Kathmandu. I saw a dog in the clouds and spent a couple of years looking for him. I've been writing that story, and publishing it in about 4 parts on a page for subscribers only. I have to do this because weeks of work goes into these long pieces and this is the only way I can try to earn some money from them.

The story will also be available to all of you who were part of any of the fundraising campaigns five years ago, either Kickstarter or Indiegogo. If that applies to you, please send a return email to The Dog Calling newsletter and I'll send you the link.

Otherwise, I hope you'll consider joining the Patreon campaign. Really, all it is is a high-tech way to leave a tip. You decide how much. All you get in return are some stories, so I understand that's not an especially appealing deal in the time of free internet.

But, if you enjoyed the Roo book, this current piece about The Dog in the Clouds might be for you. In it I part with some of the things that have been too difficult for me to write about for many years. It's not for me to evaluate whether it's any good, but it is as good as I'm able to make it. If you've ever felt like you'd make a great patron of the arts, give it a try. It's easy, secure and not at all expensive — you decide on anything from a buck on up.

Thank you,