Roo entertains an escaped convict

Have you ever driven past a penitentiary and thought of the poor inmates, the sadness of their lives behind the barbed wire. Of course, some of them had it coming, but I can’t help feeling sorry for them, anyway. I think that’s what Roo was thinking when this little Labradoodle or whatever the poor guy was showed up. Tortured by a lifetime of living on the other side of invisible fence, facing being fried to a crisp for edging too close to the hiking trail where all the dogs run free on the other side of the line, he decided he’d had it. He made a break for it and took the electrocution at a flying jump, and when he hit the ground and found himself not only still among the living, but free at last, he could barely contain himself. It took him a few minutes to get Roo to play, but finally she acquiesced out of pity, knowing that when it was over, the old man would just hand the escapee to the proper authorities, just like all the others, which has always been fine with Roo, and which the old man did once again.