VIDEO: Roo tables a motion to take her for a walk

This was Roo the other day. It was 5 PM and the last time she was outside was around midnight the night before. She put her head up on the table as a sign that she was willing to consider it, though that may just have been a tactic to get me off her back after hours of asking her. No one on Planet Earth an hold it longer than Roo, but finally she decided to go. It could have been the effect of antibiotics she was taking for an infection. Every antibiotic makes her feel godawful.

She was back at the vet today for a new round of blood tests. She's just run out of energy. Something's up. Hopefully it'll get figured out this week. There's no time that it's worse that dog's can't speak than when they're not feeling well. If only they could tell you what's bothering them. It could be that she's just sick and tired, but, other than when she was so sick a year ago, I've never seen her drag like this.