Update on how Roo is feeling


The test results back in for Roo so far are all okay — blood, urine, all that. We’re still waiting for heartworm (it’s nearly inconceivable that she has that, because I only stopped the meds in the winter, but there was on day when the blistering cold let up in Virginia and suddenly there were trillions of mosquitos, so, it’s conceivable) and tick diseases. The lab is a little slow with the tick stuff. Hopefully it’ll be back tomorrow.

Her mood and appetite are okay, it’s just that she’s so sluggish. She barely wants to walk, or when she does, only a little. She snaps out of it if she suspects the presence of a mouse somewhere.

Today we started her on Rimadyl, and, even though it’s not expected to kick in for a couple of days, she seemed to feel better two hours later. But then, she got into one of those ridiculous opposite-sides-of-the-fence chasing routine, with, of all the creatures on the planet, the miniature horse she found a year ago. They were only playing. Why Roo does that is a mystery, but on rare occasion, if there’s a barking dog on the other side of a fence, she does it. What can I tell you. That little horse had exactly the same idea dogs get about running back and forth like that. They only did it for the second it took me to tell Roo to cut it out, and no one — neither horse nor dog — held a grudge. But Roo started limping immediately. 

The other thing is her weight. She put on six or seven pounds this winter. She seemed a little chunky, but nothing I worried about. I’m guilty of letting that happen, though. It was a function of how freezing it was for so long and the reduction in her exercise. But now, Dr. Stokes very diplomatically instructed me to get her on a diet, and her rations have been chopped down mercilessly. This kills me to have to do to her.

Incidentally, Dr. Stokes gave me some smart advice about how to figure out the right amount to feed a dog like Roo, who always waits a minute or two before eating just about anything. He advised to bring the amount back to the point where she tucked into it immediately. That amount seems like so little food, but that’s what’s she’s getting. The problem is that this has been going on for three weeks, and Roo has gained a pound.

And she had three skin infections in a row. One of them led to a vaginal infection because she was itching and started scooting so hard that she wore herself down. One night, after rolling over in satisfaction after eating a bone, I saw that she was swollen. That was cleared up with antibiotics. They always beat her up, and these did, too.

So, we’re waiting for the ret of the test results. Dr. Stokes says it’s possible that she has allergies. 

I don’t know what it is, but the poor bear is really not enjoying herself. I can't tell you how much I hate myself for her having to be stuck in the camper so much. I try to get her outside more, but she doesn't want to go much. The worst thing is that I think she thinks she's disappointing me, because when we're out, and she's had enough, after only a few minute, she doesn't ask me for her Flexi leash, but when I ask her if she wants it, she gladly takes it, which is her signal that she wants to go home. It seems like she's not asking me for it because she thinks I want to keep walking more. And then she's relieved to be asked.

Anyway, she's in the hands of a good vet and hopefully we'll get some answers soon.