Still Life with Tail


Yesterday was the first day that Roo seemed to feel noticeably better, so chalk another one up for Dr. Stokes. He suspected allergies and said to see how she felt once it rained and cleared the pollen out of the air. Lo and behold, it rained four inches, and... no difference. She was still dragging. It occurred to me later to check the pollen count on Weather Underground, and the pollen count was still high. Yesterday, though, it finally dropped, and right on cue Roo started running around like her old self. She was energetic enough to climb out of the water and into that hole. Not an easy climb, unless you suspect enemy muskrats and live your life in the hope of catching one one day. If she could read — or, for that matter, paid any attention when hunting — I'd wave the flag in the second picture at her every time she started crawling around that mud bank here in snake country.