Roo caught in flagrante delicto


A few days ago I wrote about my new technique for getting Roo to back out of culverts, which involves using her fear of sudden lights against her. That time, all I had was the cellphone, and though it did the job, the flash isn't that powerful. Roo had forgotten all about the light she encountered last time she tried to enter this culvert and she tried her old trick of pretending to be too exhausted to walk any faster than at a crawl. Even with her most miserable face on, I could see her plotting.

I was ready for her this time. I had my real camera — with its real flash. I didn't stop her from going in. The culvert empties out in a ditch, so all I could do was ballpark the aim. I pointed it Roowards and popped the flash at her. 

Caught in the act.

She'll try it again. She's convinced that that culvert is filled with possums.