Today's Stray: Campground Kitten

This kitten wandered into the campground a couple of days ago. She's not feral. She's one of the friendliest little cats I ever met. She went over to my neighbor's camper. They're cat people, but they have a cat already and that cat would not allow this one to com on board. The kitten left and came back today.

After Roo's walk, she started circling the car. I had only seen her do that once before, and that time there was a weasel in the engine compartment. Roo knew someone was in there. I put Roo in the car so she could at least watch the action she would have preferred to have been carrying out herself.

The campground office will adopt her. She'll be vetted, spayed and end up with a good place to live around people who love animals.

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