Sort of a before and after pair of shots of puppy Roo

This just blows me away....

When Roo was my little foster girl, I was always taking pictures of her. I ignored the out-of-focus shot here, because on its own it's not much of a picture. But, looking through old shots of her today and seeing these next to each other, I realized that it and the other picture were taken only 40 minutes apart. The shelter in Los Angeles had estimated her to be a three-year-old, and in the shot of her lying down, she doesn't look like a puppy. She doesn't look too different from the way she looks now. I know the idea of mistaking a puppy for an older dog is inconceivable, but Roo had me and the vet and everybody snowed.

These were taken four days after she came home. Already she was starting look her age. Do the two dogs even look like the same dog? I was already starting to revise her age estimate downward by then, because she was perking up quickly, but it took about two weeks until she settled in at her real age of about eight months. What a cute little monkey bear. Still is.

If you're reading this and haven't read the Roo book, you should, and then check these pictures again.