It has been that kind of day

That kind of week. First the computer bit the dust again. When that got mostly straightened out, the camper flooded, possibly sealing its fate. Then Roo hurt a leg. Again. Then a window on the car broke. Then the check engine light came on, which, though probably not anything serious, appeared with perfect comic timing). The only benefit has been some distraction from the national nightmare, which was drowned out by these lesser winds. 

The Kahoo’s leg is improving. I suppose she just whanged it again running around like a mad dog. And Roo being Roo, while I repaired the car under the awning of a pavilion at the campground, Roo preferred to lie down in the road, in the cold, cold rain, as if the sun was shining, providing yet another example of what a wonderful creature is the dog. I wouldn’t trade this one for the world.