The dog days of winter


When you live in a tiny camper, weather is one of the worst problems. The main problem for me is the impossibility of maintaining a steady temperature. It’s always too cold or too hot, swinging from one to the other every few minutes. It’s a function of the small space.

But for Roo, the weather creates all sorts of other problems. When it thunders, you might as well be outside. When heavy winds blow and make the camper buffet, that spooks her. When it rains hard, it’s like being inside a snare drum, and that gets to her, too. And in the last year or so she’s lost her taste for going out in the rain, which makes no sense for a dog who regularly swims when it’s 35 degrees, which means that sometimes she’s stuck inside with nothing to do. Nothing is worse than boredom, and there’s nothing I can give her to keep her entertained. I tried one of those $22 Himalayan yak cheese chews, but she won’t touch it, so that was 22 bucks out the window. She enjoys chewing the tops of water bottles, but that doesn’t last long.

So, sometimes, she’s just plain stuck.