A horse who likes Roo


Some horses like goats, some like dogs. The trainer of the legendary race horse Seabiscuit knew Seabiscuit needed a pal, and they tried all sorts of pets out on him before he finally settled on a particular dog who became one of his best friends (if you haven’t read Laura Hillebrand’s book, stop whatever you’re doing and read it now. You won’t be able to put it down. It’s brilliant and the author manages to make the horse the main character of his story, and what a character he was. In the movie based on the book, they made it all about the humans, and while their stories are wonderful, Seabiscuit was a real star.). He was a very friendly horse with a lot of personality quirks and without the companionship of a good dog he never felt quite up to snuff.

While this horse may lack Seabiscuit’s esprit de guerre and earning power, she shares his fondness for dogs. She and a couple of other horses live in a big pasture on this Oklahoma ranch, and any time she spots Roo she runs over to say hi to her. Roo may be frightened by many things, but not other animals, all of whom she looks upon as inferiors, so she only returns her kindly look with the bossy one you can make out in this photograph. She’ll return a sniff, but that’s about it. And if she sees the horses standing in the pasture late at night, she likes to give them a few deep barks to let them know she’s keeping an eye on them. Still, this one always tries. Though I doubt it, maybe Roo will warm up to her one day.