Roo to go under the knife tomorrow


Roo K. Beker continues her odyssey through the American veterinary system tomorrow with minor paw surgery.

Whatever it was that injured her paw ten days ago seemed to be healing, but slowly. Then, as soon as the course of amoxicillin she was on ended, it swelled up a tiny bit. It didn’t seem to be bothering her. She wasn’t licking it and she only limped once or twice, but only for a few minutes. Otherwise she seemed fine. She didn’t get a lot of exercise, because it has been murderously hot. We were planning to leave Oklahoma by the end of last week, but on Thursday, I wanted to bring her in to see Dr. Stokes. He, however, was in Japan. Luckily he was on his way back, and he was able to see her today.

Dr. Stokes used a local anesthetic to open the wound a little to try to remove whatever is in there, but without luck. He said that he’s going to have to put her under and make an incision to clean it out.

So, tomorrow, Roo has another surgery.

If she only knew that it’s going to mean getting up at 8 AM — between four and six hours before the time she usually gets out of bed — and being dropped off at the vet’s, she would really be mad.

There is a plague here of something I didn’t even know about, and which hasn’t been a problem any other time we’ve been here: burr clover. Evidently those things attack with very small seeds. I have s feeling that’s what nailed the Kahoo. We’ll know tomorrow.