Here we go


It’s 11:30 AM and we’re waiting in the emergency room of a vet clinic in Scarborough, Maine. Roo hasn’t eaten since the day before yesterday. She managed some sleep last night, but only after going outside to vomit, and after that, she went to lie down in front of Virginia and Jim’s house. She didn’t want to go back in the camper. That clarified instantly what I’ve done to her by making her live in that goddamned camper. She doesn’t want to live in it. Now she may end up dying in it. 

Roo didn’t want to get out of the car when we arrived at the hospital. I had to lift her out. It’s so high up and it’s become too hard for Roo. Her belly has become distended. Every once in a while something seems to hurt her and send her to a standing position. Other than that she doesn’t want to move much.

Someone in this waiting room has three out of control toddlers screaming and smashing things against each other, and the owners of those kids have no interest in shutting them up. Roo’s not the only nervous dog here and the racket isn’t helping any of them. There’s a sick cat meowing in her crate, and Roo is feeling too bad to care, the first cat ever Roo wasn’t interested in.

It is Memorial Day, and this is an emergency clinic, and Roo’s problem will be involved, so other dogs are taken care of first. When our turn comes, it is clear quickly that there’s no question that Roo has lymphoma. A quick ultrasound shows that her liver and spleen are enlarged. 

She has to stay overnight at the hospital for IV fluids and so that the oncologist can see her first thing in the morning. She struggled when we placed her in her enclosure, using what strength she had left to try to force the door open so could stay with me. Another little drop of heartbreak. 

I drove back to Brunswick to get the camper and bring it back to the hospital. I’ll spend the night in the parking lot. 

I went to visit her for half an hour, and she was so happy to see me. She’s too uncomfortable to bounce around too much, but it helped her to know that she’s in a place her old daddy comes back to. She lay down and pressed her face against my leg. The staff needed me to leave until 8, so I’m going back in now.