Day 7: Not feeling great today


The vet warned that the last dose of chemo might make Roo feel sick three to five days out, which would make today, Sunday, the third day, and though I don’t know for sure if that’s what’s bothering her, she’s tired and listless tonight — except when it comes to food, which she’s constantly asking for, but that’s because of the prednisone, which increases thirst and appetite. Her digestion being in bad shape, all I can give her are small meals and snacks. She’s worrying about food constantly. Other than that, she’s not able to walk for more time than it takes to pee. Thank God we’re someplace where there are no thunderstorms, because if there were, she would never go outside. Of course I’d be fine with her peeing in the camper. I could put something down, but Roo is too fastidious. She would wait until she was ready to explode before she ever did. Most importantly, though, is that she’s not tormented by thunder, and so she’s getting the rest she needs.

Another issue that’s come up — and which has me worried, even if it sounds like nothing in comparison to her main trouble — is that the site of the IV from her first chemo last Tuesday has been getting inflamed. With Roo’s history of hotspots and scab picking, that thing could easily get out of control, and over last night she went to work on it. Of course an e-collar would be the proper answer, but there is no room in the camper for her to wear one. Any time I’ve tried bandaging a raw spot like that in the past, it’s only gotten worse. And it’s midway up her right foreleg, perfectly positioned under her nose for her to be reminded of it. I put a light sprinkle of NeoPreDef on it and she’s wearing one of my socks on it now (It reaches all the way up to her armpit), but I don’t think that’s going to be a solution for overnight, because if she pulled it partway off and the elastic gets stuck on the wound, it’ll only rub it and get worse.

Since this started, she’s been avoiding lying down on anything soft. A hard floor must support her belly more comfortably, which is still, though less than it was, swollen. I’ve removed the foam beds from her two spots, one on the floor in the middle the the camper and the other beside my bed, and she likes it better that way.

Another worry is that her Apoquel, an allergy medication, has been stopped. I stopped it as soon as the lymphoma appeared nine days ago in Tennessee, and then the oncologist told me to keep her off. She said that because it works on the immune system, the jury was still out on whether it was safe to use with chemo. Probably it is, but they just don’t know. What worries me is that before Dr. Stokes put her on Apoquel, one of the symptoms of the severe illness she had was a swollen spleen, and it’s swollen now. It swelled up because of the cancer, but you can see how this would create another question.

I have to figure out an overnight solution for her arm. If she turns that into a hotspot requiring weeks of healing on top of everything being thrown at her, it’s going to mean trouble.

I’ve been combing the classifieds for a place to move her to, but there’s nothing around here.

Meanwhile, Roo has moved onto the thick cotton mat she likes to sleep on, her head tucked into a corner. She is weak and feeling woozy from the chemo, but her main complaint right now is that I’m not giving her more food. She’s getting plenty, but she wants to eat everything in sight. Her stomach just can’t handle it.