Day 59:Adding injury to insult


Roo hasn’t been feeling well the last several days. She wasn’t sick or in distress. Just tired and weak. She was supposed to have chemo on Tuesday, but it was postponed until tomorrow, Friday to give her a chance to get back on her feet. All three of her antibiotics were cancelled, and I knew that would help her. She always seems so uncomfortable on them. She had bloodwork done, and that looked good, with all values in the normal range for the first time since she got sick just shy of two months ago.

But she didn’t want to walk or go outside for more than the basic needs, and barely that, until today, when she showed interest in going to the pond, so we drove over. She enjoyed it, though she was still less energetic than she was a few days ago.

A half hour later she hurt herself. She started limping badly, her back right leg in pain. There are a few boneheads who smash beer bottles here, and though it’s rare – unlike in the west or south, where the land is carpeted in glass – that was my first worry (I pick glass shards up every day, but there are always more), but there was no cut. No thorns in her paw. Nothing I could see. Fortunately we were parked nearby and we limped to the car.

Roo hates nothing more than being helped into or out of a car. She can’t stand it. She always sits at the door and waits for just the right moment to jump in. The only way to hurry her is to ask if she wants me to help her. But this time she didn’t argue. When we got back to the camper, she stayed in the car and slept until it got too hot while I sat beside her and listened to the depressing Mueller hearing on the radio. When she was ready to come out, she didn’t want to jump down any more than I wanted her to. She stood on the seat slowly wagging her tail, with her ears down and a sheepish smile, embarrassed to be asking for the help.

She’s not uncomfortable unless she puts weight on it. I saw no point in taking her to the emergency room. After all, short of surgery, which Roo obviously wouldn’t have even if necessary, I don’t think, the prescription would probably just be too keep her off the leg, and she doesn’t want to move anyway. My buddy Jim is an ER doc, though he attends to the human, and he recommended putting an ace bandage on. He’s going to come over with one and wrap her up.

tonight Roo will sleep with both right legs, fore and aft, bandaged. And she’s scheduled for chemo – doxorubicin, the rough one – on Friday.