Day 60: Hospital today, hospital tomorrow

Overnight, Roo’s leg injury became more painful. She got some sleep, but in the morning was unable to place any weight on that right rear leg. 

I took her to the vet. Dr. Mason wasn’t there today, so Dr. Chretien saw Roo. He checked for an anterior cruciate ligament injury, and though he couldn’t rule it out conclusively, he didn’t think that’s what it is. There was no sign of a broken bone, and considering that Roo is going back tomorrow for chemo, there was no point in x-raying her, either. If it’s a soft tissue injury, which is almost certainly what it is, it wouldn’t show up on an x-ray, anyway. And the prescription for all of those would be essentially the same. Strict rest with minimal movement, a towel slung under her belly to help her keep the weight off when she does walk. She was given a shot of buprenorphine, an opiate, and a bottle of gabapentin capsules. 

We returned to the camper around 2 PM. Again Roo was a little embarrassed to need help getting out of the car. It was the only time today that she wagged her tail. 

As soon as she came inside she lay down. She hasn’t moved since. The drugs have knocked her out. She doesn’t even want to eat much.

She’s supposed to get her already delayed dose of doxorubicin tomorrow. That was the chemo drug that made her so sick the other time she had it. This time, we’ll be trying to prevent the sickness by medicating her in advance.

Meanwhile, Roo won’t get up or go outside. I don’t think she needs to, and this is the first time her penchant for going 20 hours at a time without peeing is helping. At least she’s not on that leg. But this injury multiplies the difficulties the coming chemo treatment might create.

Every time she wakes up and looks at me I spend time on the floor with her. That’s more or less how the afternoon and evening have passed. Every time I’m down there with her, if she’s lying on her side, she slings an arm over my neck. It’s enough to make a grown man cry.

The constant feeling of sadness and terror are getting to me. I can only imagine what Roo thinks. At least she’s not uncomfortable.

The picture below was taken on the day I met Roo. I’m not taking pictures of her right now because it always drover her a little crazy to have a camera pointed at her.