Day 61: That leg of Roo's

I’m a little too beat to write much, but Roo’s leg was hurting a much to want to get in the truck to go to the vet, too much to take a pee, too much for anything else (and it’s now 36 hours). Eventually she agreed to come outside, and with some help she got in the truck which in turn started to run rough. I didn’t think we’d make it, but we did.

We were up all night last night. Roo developed indigestion and I’d run out of Pepto Bismal, so there was no getting it to stop without staying on the floor with her and calming her. That always seems to work, but it stops working the second I try to get up. So there we were.

Roo was supposed to get the doxirubicin chemo today, but with the pain in her leg, the vet changed it to L-asparaginase, which has made her feel bad, but not as viciously as the doxirubicin, in the past. She’ll have to get the doxirubicin on Tuesday.

She had an x-ray, and nothing showed up on that, so a soft tissue injury is still suspected. Roo is for all intents and purposes lame in the right rear leg. She can’t hold it off the ground, so every step is painful for her. She won’t go outside, though she did once to say hi to Virginia and her sister when they came home late in the afternoon, but she was in too much pain to take advantage of being outside to empty herself.

She had to have benadryl for the chemo treatment in case of an allergic reaction, and between that and all the other dope she’s back on, she’s in a pretty downhearted mood tonight.

This leg injury is about the worst thing that could have happened to Roo. I’m not sure how this affects her long term prospects. I try not to think about it, but all that doies is make it into another one of the things I have been thinking about non-stop for the waking 21 hours of every day for the last two months. I was going to look for something to watch on Netflix, but decided to check if there were any new squirrel videos on YouTube instead. That kept Roo’s attention for a while. Gave her something to do. Something to look forward to. I told her we’d find the park in that video, which is loaded with squirrels, and go there and kill every one of them in a colossal spree once she was up to it. I think she knew I was lying. Maybe too many of the things I’m telling her these days are lies. Finally she went to sleep.

The first time Roo got Elspar it didn’t make her feel sick. The second time it did. This time, who knows. The vet said Roo had to have a chemo today or the, “cancer could get ahead of us.”

Roo is nervous and a little grouchy. She’s sick of having pills jammed down her throat, though I do it fast and without any drama for her. She only has a few more to come tonight. If she can manage to sleep it will help her.