Day 90: Ominous signs but feeling good

The pathology report for the mass in Roo’s arm came back – and told us nothing. It’s highly technical, but, according to Dr. Raker, it seems to say they have no idea what the growth is. The slides weren’t tested for lymphoma, though, so, even though the growth isn’t in a spot where lymph nodes usually are, that remains an open question. 

Roo is feeling pretty good. Her arm, which seems to be thickening, doesn’t hurt her. She was out of sorts from Thursday afternoon through Friday, but on Saturday and today she wanted to go for long walks and swims. She doesn’t favor the arm or limp.

So that’s good. The bad news is that another mass seems to be forming in her chest.

She sees the vet on Tuesday. The questions remain unresolved. It’s murder, my friends.