Day 93: How to help a rundown dog get up and at 'em

Roo started feeling bad on Tuesday afternoon. Her lymph nodes are swelling. She’s out of remission and what happens next is unknown. At Dr. Mason’s suggestion, we go to see another oncologist, a colleague of hers, tomorrow.

Last night Roo started refusing any kind of hard food. She would only eat things like turkey and Dogswell Soft Strips. She didn’t want jerky, even broken up into little pieces. Today Roo felt so rundown and tired that she wouldn’t eat or drink anything at all or go outside. It had been 30 hours since the last time. Sorry, it’s not much of a video, but it gives you the idea of how we finally made a go of it. And tonight Roo feels pretty good. Waggy, even.

So, let’s end today on a high note. Tomorrow is another day.