Join the Resistance. Here's an idea for how.

Brave French members of the Résistance who helped defeat the Nazi occupation of France, 1943.

Brave French members of the Résistance who helped defeat the Nazi occupation of France, 1943.

A Fascist takeover is underway in America. It is accelerating with ominous speed. We must fight back. If you own a cell phone, you are already fully armed.

History has taught us that if resistance is not established immediately it is crushed completely. It is the duty of anyone dedicated not to hatred, violence and greed, but to compassion, peace and justice for all, to stand in the way of the criminal abomination unfolding before our eyes. We must begin today. Now. Perhaps it is not a matter of life and death to you this minute, but to many of our Sisters and Brothers who are already being forced to live in fear and under the threat of violence, it is. Make no mistake, you may not be the first to fall, but if others do, you will follow. That is how it has always been. That is how it will be now.

It is important that you know this: In the United States, there is no law prohibiting the President from using the Presidency to enrich himself. Anti-corruption laws rise to the Cabinet level and stop there. The President is under no anti-corruption constraints. He is free to base his decisions on how they will profit him personally. Think of that: the man most renowned in America for stealing the wages of workers has been paced in the best position in the world to steal more. Every arms deal, every oil commission, the license for every medicine, the awarding of every federal contract, the giveaways of public lands—all of it can be done for the personal benefit of the President. President Trump. That is what has made Vladimir Putin, possibly the wealthiest man in the world, the object of Trump's fawning admiration.

No one will be more dedicated to the abuse of that proposition than the accused child rapist and racketeer Trump. He has never demonstrated a capacity for anything else. In the service of it he and his gang of shameless enforcers will be every bit as ruthless as he has promised to be.

The greatest con man and most rapacious thief America has ever produced will not only capitalize on that power, he can be counted on to use his unlimited pardoning authority to erase the legal consequences of his own sexual predation, human trafficking, child rape, fraud, tax evasion, treasonable coordination of his political campaign and cyber warfare against America with the Russians (about which they've been bragging about all day in the Russian media) and what is certainly a long list of other criminal acts that he is guilty of. With our broken and corrupt government entirely in the hands of the most brutal right wing thugs America has ever produced, it is foolish not to expect the Trump junta to be backed up by force of the military arms that they have already been delighted to use against so many of our slain and maimed Sisters and Brothers.

There is no choice. We, the People, must stand in the way. And though we have only one weapon to use, each of us has the one that will damage Trump and his supporters in the way they dread the most. Each of us possesses the power to poison their reputations, now and forever, and to make them suffer the shame and subsequent financial losses of being exposed as collaborators. We can start making them pay today for wearing the Trump Nazi insignia and for hiding under the white hood of the Ku Klux Klan that celebrates his ascension and that Trump in turn has welcomed so warmly. We stick to legal methods, similar to the ones employed by the vilest elements of the Right Wing—those who harass and taunt women outside abortion clinics—though without sinking to taunting and harassing. Without making a spectacle. Without disturbing the peace or threatening anyone in any way.

Henceforth, let all Trump properties be the abortion clinics where we protest.

It's simple: if shrieking, aggressive protestors are allowed outside Planned Parenthood to scream at women seeking anything from a pap smear to an abortion, surely we must be allowed a peaceful presence outside every last one of Trump's goddamned properties—his hotels, his golf courses, his office buildings. Every business belonging to his family must be included, as must any business they try to hide under new covers, such as Scion Hotels. We must not let any of them escape our notice.

And all we do is photograph every person entering or leaving any Trump property. We post those as the mug shots they are, circulate them as widely as each of us can, on the facebook group linked below and on every other platform we have, whether we can identify individuals or not. We expose them. This will automatically make this intelligence available to any Sister and Brother organizations agitating for boycotts not just of Trump's businesses, but of his family's, and of anyone who does any business with any of them. We cost them all. We make them all pay (though, to be clear, never the workers).

Go to stores that sell Trump clothes, whether the gangster's flambouyant ties or cheap suits or the dresses his hypocritical daughter Ivanka has stitched by the poorest of workers in the most miserable of Third World sweatshops. Learn to recognize them. Photograph anyone wearing them. Post them. Build the resistance. 

Seek inspiration on the group page. Coordinate here—or anywhere. List Trump properties here. Write notes, develop lists to be posted in the documents section. Proceed in any way you can imagine as a full and equal participant in the resistance. Make suggestions, take command, come up with ideas and plans. Comment in threads, encourage and support others in your area. We can succeed with simple, effective, and legal action.

Remember: If you have a cell phone or a keyboard, you are fully armed for the struggle.

You might choose to function in disguise or in the open with others, as you choose. You can form anything from impromptu get-togethers to dedicated shifts. You can operate as a single member of the resistance fighting anonymously, or as part of a team of your own making. Whether you are a day laborer or a high fashion model—if you can stroll past a Trump hotel, you can fight, using nothing more than a cell phone photograph. Whether you are too young to vote or old enough that you did not believe you would never live long enough to witness such horror in your lifetime—you can join the fight right now. It doesn’t matter if you are in a wheelchair or on a bicycle, on foot or in a bus—you can provide Resistance Intelligence in a legal and principled manner. 

Each photo will add to our arsenal. Every one will serve the purpose of affixing to the pages of history the greedy thieves and condoners of fraud, hatred, treason, bigotry, human trafficking, sexual assault and all the other violence they have planned for us. We have the power to bring them to their knees.

We have no time to waste. Anyone who spends so much as a dollar at any Trump property is with the Fascists and must not be allowed to escape the scrutiny of the People. Know that the enemy are cowards. They will try to hide. But, it is a tenet of any war—including the one they are commencing now and which we will have to fight—that we must know our enemy. We do not have to let them to hide in the comfort of the silent collaboration that all enemies of the People always try to cower behind.

Their shame is of their own making. They will always be free to avoid exposure by choosing to luxuriate elsewhere. No one has to wear Trump clothes or his sulfurous cologne or Ivanka's dresses. There are plenty of other places (though, granted, none as gaudy or ostentatious) to go and clothes to buy.  

Fascism was defined by its founders simply as money and corporations being placed above the people. Mussolini, the first of them, wrote that, "Fascism should more appropriately be termed corporatism." The tools used to motivate their followers to give up their own financial security, in the form of tax cuts and reduced government benefits, are always racial, ethnic and religious hatreds, thuggishness, along with constant persecution and downgrading of the LGBTQ community. Of course, when those fail, they can always start a war and demand fealty and silence from all citizens using the excuses of patriotism or unity.

They have been defeated in the past, but now that they are back and stronger than ever—because Fascism could never hope for more fertile soil than America's—we should look to the two great fights waged by Resistances against the last of the great Fascist onslaughts, that of the Nazis. We must learn from the French Résistance and the Soviet Partizans, who, all of them working as allies of a Democratic United States, fought the Nazis and when necessary fought them to the death the Nazis were visiting on their own people, as surely as Trump and his thugs will visit on ours and on the rest of the people of the world. The thugs are already out. We need to take a closer look at them.

Let our cameras be our guns. Let Fascist dollars be our bullets.

Let's get to work. Ask to join the group. The enemy need not apply. 

This is the Facebook group. Imagine if it had a million members—there would be someone at every Trump property all the time. That should be the goal. Please help to get the word out about this—email the link to your friends and ask them to do it in turn.