Update and more explanation of the Patreon campaign

Hi, Everybody—

All but the southernmost tier of the country has been experiencing this enormous blast of arctic air. Roo and I have been trying to outrun it, but it couldn’t be done. I write you in a bit of a hurry from North Carolina. We are pushing westward only because I need some time to work, and there’s a campground in Oklahoma where that might be possible. Roo can walk there, and it might be okay. I couldn’t overstate how sad I am to have had to leave the Northeast, but there wasn’t any choice. As soon as possible, we’ll be going back there, though that may never be possible.

Here’s an update with a fuller and better explanation of the Patreon page for The Dog in the Clouds

First, what it is: Patreon is a site where people can support projects, artists, writers, musicians. Where you can be their patrons. You pledge a certain amount, and once a month Patreon charges your credit card.

In our case, all we have to offer is a story, and so that’s what the Patreon is set up for you to support.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say you pledge $1 per blog post. That’s not going to apply to all of my blog posts. Only to a few. There will still be regular TDITC posts. I’ll explain the difference in a minute. The important thing to remember is that that pledge is for qualifying blog posts—not a monthly amount. So, if I post nothing, you get charged nothing. If I post five posts, you would get charged $5.

Also, when you sign up there, you can also limit your total monthly pledge. So, it’ll be up to you, not to me, how much you’re charged. You can limit it to whatever you like, to a dollar or no limit at all. You just wouldn’t get access to all the posts. 

Because I’m already half dead, it’s never going to get to the point where there are going to be more than six posts a month. If it does, I’ll send everyone a message to let them know and to remind you how to cancel or scale your pledge back.

Also, the posts will appear on a new section of the site tentatively called Mein Camp. That will be the subscriber section, and Patreon posts will direct you to that.

So, that’s how that works.

Now, here’s what’s going to make it different from the main web site. This is going to be about the travels themselves, not just about Roo. They are going to fill in the other side of the story.

Why am I charging? For a few reasons. First, I have nothing in the world to make a living with other than writing. I used to work as a pilot, but my medical certification was taken away, so the one skill I had is out. So, I have to try to earn something with that while I work on larger book project that I can only hope will sell. As hard as that's going to be to do, that’s what I’m working on.

Secondly, I do not want the story that I’m going to be telling to subscribers to be available to anyone who just logs on. I want to be able to control who reads it, and there are several people who I don’t want to read it, for reasons of my own.

Thirdly, this stuff is going to be a a lot more personal and a lot more opinionated. For many, many months, I’ve been telling friends that it looked like Trump was going to win. It was clear that that was going to happen because of what I saw as we traveled the farthest backroads of America. And what I saw was terrorizing, ugly, threatening and depressing. All of that against the backdrop of the most stunningly beautiful country on Earth. It was so depressing that I was unable to post on the blog site for months. The only things I wanted to be posting I knew would meet with the usual, “I come to your web site to read about Roo, not to hear you talk about politics—unfollowing,” type of comments I get any time I mention anything about Trump. I’m not proposing to write a political column, but what is happening politically in America is the context. The guy who tried to shoot me in Idaho. The children with rifles in neighborhoods with no schools, the weary faces of the millions of defeated people, the rage and hatred spilling over. And the ways that the goodheartedness of so many Americans is beginning to pale by comparison. My perception is that there's going to be violence in America, a lot of it. I hope I'm wrong, but it's on my mind, and I won't be leaving it alone. So, if you don’t want to hear about that, and if writing that is strongly opposed to Trump and everything he stands for, you won’t want to support the Patreon. Fair warning.

I think it’ll be worth it, but if it isn’t, you can cancel any time.

But, if you do decide to support the Patreon page, it will be a big help, even if you limit it to a buck a month. Please share it with your friends. The more people who sign up, the more visibility it gets.

A couple of notes: Only blog posts that you are notified about via the Patreon page will be the ones for subscribers only. None of the facebook posts, tweets or other blog posts will count.

Our twitter handle is @RookiKahoo. I use that because it's a lot easier to post shot notes and pictures from the road, like the one yesterday: "Overheard at a gas pump, young woman on a cell phone, "I can't, I'm married now," then three seconds later, "Maybe just for a minute." It's easy for me to post from the road with that, so follow us there, or join Twitter if you don't have an account. It's really not complicated or cumbersome.

Okay, we've got to hit the road. Here's the Patreon link. I'll be grateful for any signups.

I'm not sure why I posted the young cowboy picture. Open to interpretation....