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We've been in constant—and losing—battle with breakdowns and malfunctions. Some I've been able to fix myself, but others required putting in at places like this Feed & Farm Supply in southwestern Colorado, where I learned an important lesson about Trumpism.

We've been in constant—and losing—battle with breakdowns and malfunctions. Some I've been able to fix myself, but others required putting in at places like this Feed & Farm Supply in southwestern Colorado, where I learned an important lesson about Trumpism.

This is the section of the blog that will be limited to Patreon subscribers soon, but, for the moment, here it is. On the main blog page here, I already warned that this section will NOT be where you find fuzzy Roo stuff. This is where I will write more openly about our travels. Everything from being broke and homeless on the road, to the right-wing fascism and authoritarianism that I've seen building all around the country.


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A little background about why I feel so strongly and understand so well issues of authoritarianism, Russia, espionage, my opinion that Trump is so clearly an agent of Russia and therefore guilty of treason.

When Roo and I left Asheville in September of 2015, I was already exhausted. I was having trouble recovering from my shoulder replacement surgery. The hernia surgery I had before that was not healing. With only a few thousand dollars in the bank, I knew we were financially doomed, but I didn't really think it mattered much. My thinking was clouded by not expecting to live too much longer anyway. 

So, off we went. I'll get more into it in later postings, but from North Carolina we traveled north and then west. As soon as we departed the Northeast, it became clear that something ominous was happening in America. There was hatred everywhere. White people seemed to be reveling in the use of the word nigger. As we proceeded west, and then south in the midwest, I became convinced that Trump was going to win. My main contact with friends was via email, and in those emails my prediction that Trump was going to win became stronger over time. 

I made the mistake of thinking that the Gram 'em by the pussy tape would bury him. Up to that time, I thought he was a shoo-in.

The months leading up to the election were among the most depressing of my life. That's why I didn't post here and dropped off facebook. I was experiencing a horrible cognitive tension created by the magnificence of the American landscape and so many of the violent, abusive people populating it. I don't mean to say that everyone everywhere is mean, but the right wing is characterized by two things: mean-spiritedness (don't feed children, deprive people of votes, eliminate Social Security and Medicare so that that money can be transferred to the richest, black lives aren't worth a shit, LGTBQ lives even less—aw, hell, I'm not going to list them all here) and loud mouths. So, wherever you go, it's the rightwingers making all the noise, while anyone more moderate shuts up for fear of a pickup truck with Confederate flags sticking out of the back conducting a driveby.

All over America, I saw tens upon tens of thousands of Trump yard signs. In a year I saw less than 20 Hillary or Bernie signs. I'm using 20 in case I saw that many, I remember seeing only five or six. A few times I asked people about it and everyone always said the same thing. Put a Hillary sign up and you could count on someone taking a shit in your doorway or a shot at you.

That's why this section of the blog is called Mein Camp. Of course a play on Hitler's manifesto, Mein Kampf, which translates to My Struggle. In case it's not obvious, I'm not endorsing Hitler's work. I'm writing about my—our—struggle in a country that has a large population of people who know so little as to admire people like Hitler and Putin. And Trump.

All right. As I write this, Roo and I are parked in a nudist colony in north Georgia. We came here by accident last night, as it was the only place on a discount program that wold have us for a few bucks and we needed electricity. I was so tired that I thought I was going to drive off the road. We have to hurry now, because we have a long way to go. It kills me to be leaving the northeast, but we can't afford it up there. The rents have gone crazy. And living in the trailer isn't possible when it's as cold as it was getting up there. So, we're going to head a few hundred more miles to the west, to try to camp someplace and get some work done. It's the only hope.

A few words about why I am so sensitive to the Nazi and Russian influences on the American scene: When we left Asheville, I was being stymied in my research into a bizarre and complicated case of Soviet espionage in my family. The FBI was doing the stymying. I have constant negotiations with them about releasing the documents they have, but it's been years and they're still refusing to release most of them. For many years, I have done a study of Soviet, Nazi and fascist authoritarianism, in detail. I understand these movements, their history and their horrors. The things that went on then are going on now. I'll write more about that here.

We've got to run.

Once again, this section of the blog will go offline other than for subscribers. Look at the home page for the explanation of the Patreon campaign For only a couple of bucks a month—as little as $1—you can support this work.

I'm obsessed with getting a book written now, but to do that I can't be hauling the camper around, buying gas, being exhausted, having to stop constantly so that Roo can have the walks that keep her happy and sane. It just can't be done. So, I'm working on it. There's no real reason to support the Patreon thing other than to offer some support to a writer. That's all you get out of it.

That, and this page. I'll start by posting an article I wrote about fascism and authoritarianism coming to America.