Mention a Trump bumper sticker in a dog rescue story and see what you get

In a post about a dog Roo and I found in the forest and took to a shelter, I mentioned a man who let a small dog lie outside in 20-degree weather, trying to cover herself in a pile of frozen wet leaves, instead of bringing her into his camper. It was the mention of the Trump sticker on his truck that prompted someone on Facebook, who has never commented before, to ask, ”Why would you include the part about the truck with a Trump sticker on the bumper???"

She has since deleted her comment, because it spluttered out into the sort of right-wing hysteria that could be mistaken for a threat, so I can only offer a screen shot of part of my original response, and then this longer one. If you’re not in the mood for a rant, this would be a good place to stop reading.

I included that observation because a Trump sticker was in keeping with that man’s being a colossal heartless jerk and because no symbol of the depths to which America is sinking will ever make that case more strongly than the name Trump—until we just get it over with and replace the Stars and Stripes with a swastika in the middle of a Confederate flag. Which I imagine we will as soon as Trump gets a satisfactory price on child labor at one of the Banagladeshi rag factories where he makes his sock garters to work the word "Trump" in gold into it. 

Because that name is a symbol of the new and improved right wing America, the America of soulless ignorance of history (note to Trump supporters: we know that your favorite flags are the Nazi and Confederate flags, what you need is a little reminder of how both were roundly stomped by morally superior United States forces), acceptance of authoritarianism, bigotry, hatred and greed and now limitless corruption—not to mention the hypocrisy of all the people who have been chanting Lock Her Up for the last year and now turn the other way as Trump does everything conceivable to make money off the presidency. It’s hard to keep up with the revelations. Ambassadors forced to commit to canceling their contracts at other DC hotels in favor of using his. His sons selling access to daddy on the first full day of his presidency for a million a shot. The use of Twitter to prompt gigantic drops on stock prices which he is undoubtedly shorting. 

Supporters who will never admit any of it because he's by God their boy and isn't there an R after his name and didn't he tell everyone the Bible was his favorite book even if he never read a single line of it once he realized the name 'Trump' doesn't appear in it, but, but, but... Benghazi! And, and, and... email server! And—what was that other one? Oh, yeah! Religious freedom! Because as everyone knows, you just can’t go to a baptist church on Sunday or Wednesday without the FBI copying down your license plate numbers in the parking lot. And, at long last, it won't be politically incorrect any more to keep up this annoying dry spell where everyone had to quit stringing up negroes and when you couldn’t even do harmless little things like rolling the occasional gay and queer (whoops—better leave Melania out of it, since she was only photographed making out with and rubbing up against other women, not being a black she-devil temptress in a sleeveless dress). So Praise the Lord, Donald Goddamned Trump, the shiniest con man in American history, the anti-Christ, if you care to credit the Pope with such a diagnosis more than you might Infowars, Donald Trump, a man who can not utter a sentence that doesn’t include the word ‘amazing’, is God’s messenger, the only one who can save us all from the Sharia law anyone with the eyes to see knows is creeping up on us every day, mostly in the form of EPA regulations that keep the struggling owners of coal mines from having to overpay nine-year-olds or equip them with rubber gloves and lead aprons when they shovel coal ash in your swimming hole.

So what if a Russian gets the country in return? A small price to pay. All he does is murder journalists (they're only First Amendmenters anyway, a bunch of elite bastards who could do with a little more Second Amendmenting, The Only Amendment In The Constitution, hell, the whole damn Constitution), kill his political opponents by depositing polonium in their tekkamaki, order soldiers to murder civilians with thermobaric vacuum bombs and white phosphorus that burns you from the inside out, starting inside your lungs, plunder his own people, invade and claim foreign territories, repress free speech, religion, run crooked elections.... So what if that Russian now gets possession not only of the US government but of the minds of all the poor saps who newly believe the Kremlin should call the shots at the White House, because one man, one demonstrated, persistent, malevolent liar, a man who has never said a true thing in his life, says so. Goddamn right. And Pizzagate! Let's not forget to keep self-investigating that. Because you just know there's a four-year-old being trafficked in Comet Pizza by Hillary Clinton's campaign manager while Chelsea videotapes it on her cell phone and uploads it to the secret Instagram page Bill Clinton is running the New World Order from. You know it’s true because you got the lamestream media saying it ain't.

And it's also all right, because only an idiot doesn’t know that Goldman Sachs is the mortal enemy of the people, the evilest of the elite. Mr. Trump told us so every day of the campaign. Oh, just watch us drain the swamp of those bastards! Now, that’s exactly why you want to hire Goldman Sachs to do the draining. That’s why you give them the job of putting their little signatures on every dollar bills in every pocket and purse. Do you have any idea of how long all that signing takes? It’s like having to write I will not cheat on my arithmetic test on the blackboard a hundred times, but worse. They won’t have time to do anything else! Mr. Trump is a genius. And, without them stealing all the money from coal miners and, you’ll finally be able to get rid of public schools. Those things are just a plot to ruin the American parent anyway. They got teachers down there that think you got nuthin’ better to do than help your kid with homework, when everyone knows what you really need to do is beat a little more Jesus into them before they start learning fancy numbering and sciencing and writing. God didn’t send good men to prison for shooting up abortion clinics just to damn all those little saved souls to eternal hellfire every time some Democrat tells them that the Earth is a day over 6000 years old, did He? Hell, you need somebody to take those miserable egghead jobs? All right, then. Take your Hindoo. Take your Chink—let them stoop down to perform all the brain surgery and design cars and build skyscrapers and ride rockets up to the Space Station and run computer companies and put on art shows in New York and write for the Washington Post and star in Hamilton. Might as well work on their backs in pornography, which, as you know, you can get online for free, so how good a deal can that be, anyway? Real Americans stock the shelves at the Family Dollar and never, ever, miss too many tithes to the Baptists.

And we have to drain the swamp by putting racists, billionaires and an avowed Nazi into the West Wing. Because Fox News says it's all good and somehow Donald Trump will not this time, as he has every other time, lie and cheat and rip off every person he has ever made a commitment to. This time he will not do what he has done to every single middle class worker and contractor who ever worked for him and refuse to pay his bills to them. Tax returns? There’s a new sheriff in town, and he don’t need no stinking’ tax returns! Who cares about his tax returns, anyway? One look at his 440 credit rating and billionaire or not, no one in his right mind would rent him so much as a stall in a flea market. And anyway, he already said he was only going to work part-time, so how much damage can he do? It’s time for libtards to give him a break, as he puts it. To show him the deference due a President of the United States, ℅ The Kremlin, Borovitskaya Ulitsa, Moscow, Russia.

That's why I mentioned the bumper sticker. Because who else would the kind of asshole who would let a tiny little dog shiver overnight in a pile of freezing leaves outside his toasty motorhome vote for?

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