Every day, thousands of pets are placed in shelters or become abandoned or homeless because their owners die or are incapacitated. As unpleasant as that fate might be to consider, with a little planning, it can be avoided. Roo’s List provides a way to make those plans.

Roo’s list is named for its first member, a rescued Golden Retriever whose last trip to a shelter didn’t just terrify her - in another hour, it would have killed her. Animals sense the fear and death all around them in a shelter, and Roo, already deeply damaged by fear, was hurt badly by the experience. Her dad has established Roo’s List to protect her from ever having to endure that again.

The idea is simple: to help people with pets meet people who will accept their pets into their homes in emergencies. Ideally, people will make reciprocal arrangements for care, fostering and adoption. Non-reciprocal arrangements are also welcome, in cases where someone without a pet is willing to accept animals. 

Right now, Roo's List will take a simple and recognizable form that everyone is already familiar with.

Here’s how it works. You fill out the registration form. As soon as someone from a state - or any country outside the United States - joins, an entry for that state or country will appear on the Roo’s List Blog page. If your state isn’t there, all you have to do make it appear is register it.

The state posts will be followed by comments, just like there are on any blog. There will be facebook comment threads as well as the site’s own comment area for people who don’t want to use facebook. People will be able to respond to each other and then, if they would like to be placed in contact, they can either exchange contact information on facebook or, if they’re in the site’s own comment section, let Roo’s List know. We’ll then send contact information to the two parties who have authorized it. Never place personal contact information in comments. For facebook users, it seems like an appropriate time to friend each other.

This will only work if it reaches a critical mass of enough users. So please share it. Tell your friends. Put the link on facebook and twitter, and G+ and wherever else. Get your family and friends involved. Even if you already have someone picked out, use the site to streamline the process and make sure your pets, if they ever need to, will have all their needs taken care of.


Registering means taking the first step towards providing for your pet’s future and your own peace of mind.

Roo’s List is all about what will happen in an emergency, and in Roo’s opinion, it’s best to have pet-specific information deposited somewhere that people will look if the need arises and all else has failed.

By registering, you’ll be kept aware of guidelines, whenever they are refined, that will help you and your pet partners organize.

The more people use Roo’s List, the better it will work to connect you with the right person for your pets. As more people use it, it’ll develop into a better form. Registering will ensure that you are always included without having to worry about it later. 

By registering, you’ll become a part of a community devoted to the well-being of their pets. You will have opportunities to contribute ideas and consult on best practices and suggest guidelines to make sure that everyone’s pets will find their way and that their individual needs, habits and quirks won’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Also, because Roo’s List for now has to depend on other systems - facebook and the internet providers upstream of this site - registering will partially protect you in case they cease to operate at some point.

By registering, Roo’s List will be able to specify how many people are active in that area. That information will be important to you if you need to expand your search to neighboring areas.


As soon as the first person from any state registers, a blog entry at with the name of that State will appear. Look at the California state listing. A comment for Roo will be the first. Follow that example. Soon after you register, your state will be there, too.

Just add a comment under your state with the kind of pet and location: “Felix, Cat, male, Chicago.” Then add whatever description you like and a link to photos, if you have one.

There will be facebook comments and an internal comment system for people who don’t want to use facebook.It is better for now to use facebook, because that way you will be able to message each other directly. If the need arises, there will be multiple entries for a state, or they will be further broken down to cities.

After you’ve connected with a possible pet partner, the next step will be to send contact information to their facebook page so that you can begin to discuss everything in more detail. If you friend each other, it’s easy. If you don’t, remember that messages sent through facebook are then placed in your ‘Other’ folder, where people routinely miss messages that have been waiting for them for months or years. 

Please don’t use comments for any discussions not pertaining to the mission. Keep everything on topic. No words of encouragement or sympathy, no idle conversation, no emoticons or hearts or anything unrelated to finding partners for the specific entry posted. This is not the place. Stick to the mission, and always keep in mind that people who may be desperate will be getting notifications that there are responses. Needless comments could lead to disappointment at a difficult time.


You will be responsible for maintaining your own information. You are responsible for making sure that it is error-free. You will receive a copy of the information you’ve submitted, so you can verify it and correct it if necessary.

The main idea is to start meeting the right people before any emergency arises. 

Don’t put it off. 


Most people will be worried about their own pet’s future, but the main intention of Roo’s List is to network people to lead to reciprocal arrangements that will enable your pets to get to know the other person, maybe do an overnight or two, so that if the time ever comes, the shock to your furry, feathered or sleek-skinned ones can be minimized.

The spirit of generosity and willingness to help, not just to seek help, is what will make this work. 

But - and this is a big but - if someone has reason to believe that their pets are in imminent danger - if they face emergency hospitalization, injury, debilitation, imprisonment, that person can’t offer a reciprocal arrangement.

That’s why one of the fields in the form you need to submit to join Roo’s List asks you to list the degree of urgency. Extremely urgent cases will get their own blog posts just for those.

Anyone who might not have pets but will consider being available for pets in need is especially welcome to join.


This is an experiment. It can end any time. If you make a donation, it is just that - a donation, made without expectation of any kind. It is not payment for services. You do not expect any services, nor are the operations described here to be considered in any way binding by you. They can change in any way at any time. You are participating in an experiment, and it may fail at any moment. It behooves you to use the site while it is available. By registering you agree that you use the site at your own risk. 


Management is to be considered all-knowing with regard to this site. It gets to make any rule, including bizarre retroactive ones, or rules that might only occur to some kind of maniac or madman; management has the option of including any person or excluding them for any breach of behavior, real or perceived, without even stating what that behavior is and even if such behavior might otherwise be considered good enough to dine with the Queen.

No buying or selling of animals. 

No rudeness, name-calling or profanity.

How this site will operate is not certain. Without implementing it and testing it, there’s no way to know what will happen. 

That why there are no guarantees of any kind. No liability of any kind. If the page or site disappears one day without notice, or someone you make arrangements with turns out to be unreliable or dishonest, Brian Beker, Roo’s List or The Dog in the Clouds assumes NO liability and you agree by registering that you understand this. The only promise is that if you supply information it will never be shared or sold.

These rules can and will be changed frequently.